About Live Gently

Live Gently . . . I’m a greenie with a social justice heart stuck on my sleeve and that’s the way I try to live my life. That’s it basically.

I’m also an editor by trade, a lawyer by training, and a reader for fun. So, I love words and couldn’t just leave things at that!

Tim Flannery, in an interview with Richard Fidler (I think), said it perfectly. A modern Golden Rule I guess . . . Love your planet, and love your neighbour.

Live Gently brings together my musings, reading list, resources, local finds and online discoveries, recipes and (hopefully) a dash of inspiration – be it scientific, philosophical or spiritual – about how to live the good life (and what that might mean). At home, and in the wider world.

Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Hi I bought a great bag from you some years ago and was checking in to see what u r up to and found yr blog. Would love to be on your email list if ur sending musings etc.

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