Our eco building project . . . consent

After months of design, reports, fine-tuning and negotiating with council, we now at last have Development Consent for an extension and renovation to our nest.

Design concept for our home by Designing Green Architecture
Design concept for our home by Designing Green Architecture

A glass of two of sparkling white Rhone-via-Victoria has been savoured!

When we moved into our 4-bedroom-plus-study weatherboard home last year, we had plans to build a new living/dining/kitchen/laundry where our enormous sun-drenched deck is, renovate the mouldy, leaky bathroom, add a modest ensuite and a new garage with workshop for Michael’s coffee roasting and beer brewing.

We have a perfect north-facing block, with a view to the always beautiful Illawarra Escarpment and a lovely decent-sized backyard for the kids to play in and me to garden in!

We want to make sure our home performs as well as it can in terms of energy and water efficiency, durability and be beautiful and comfortable to live in. And the biggest challenge? Doing it within our budget.

Over the coming months, you’ll see the before, the during and the after. I’ll share our challenges, solutions and compromises. And hopefully our little suburban dream will provide some ideas and inspiration for how we can all live gently on Mother Earth.

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